Saturday, 31 August 2013


So, the pattern for the ribbing on the Kobo Cover surprised me.  And I ended up frogging my first attempt, because it was out of proportion to the cover.  I'm onto my second attempt now, although I suspect that the variegation of the wool is going to make this look less impressing than it might otherwise.  I'm still not entirely convinced that I won't end up frogging the second attempt at the ribbing and doing it entirely differently with no ribbing at all.

We'll see.

ETA: Frogging for second time.  GF has given me a good idea for how to alter the pattern for a much nicer finish.  Always assuming I don't entirely ruin the yarn while frogging.

Friday, 30 August 2013

An in-the-middle project

Which, technically is an in-the-middle of an in-the-middle project.

Actually, I really should do a photo of the TARDIS, the Loriblankeet (whose recipient has now been born: his name is Eddy) and the Kobo cover, so that you can see the project within the project within the project :-)

But yes, my very-current project is a cover for Chez Stutters' new Kobo Touch, purchased because we both love our 2nd gen Kobo's, but said 2nd gens are getting old in Tech Time, and JB's had a really good sale on the Touch last weekend.  But the Touch is smaller than the 2nd Gen, by enough that our cases just didn't fit.  And I don't like my Kobo bouncing around in my handbag getting scratched.  So I started a cover, using the pattern that I first tried to use for my iPad cover but abandoned.  It's pretty much all in DC, and with the first iPad cover, that just annoyed the hell out of me.  With this one, I kind of love it.  It makes a very firm fabric and I think will make a great cover for the Kobo.  A fully DC fabric would be too much for most projects, but for this one it seems perfect.