Monday, 31 August 2015

A photo I wanted to share

Current #quilting project... I sewed the four-patches when I was six. #chezstutters

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 28 - Waiting on... I haven't felt the need for a waiting on page up until recently, which may be an effect of switching to the 'autofocus' method for work tasks. But I do have one now, with a few items sitting there. I do think it's important to add the date on which an item was added to the list, so I'm trying to remember to do that, too. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 25 (I think) - fave BuJo blogpost - it's another one from @tinyrayofsunshine on Simplifying. I currently use two notebooks for my BuJo, but this post is awesome in terms of keeping it all as simple as possible. #Repost @tinyrayofsunshine with @repostapp. ・・・ Hey there, I wrote about the feeling to simplify I've been noticing around the Bullet Journal community. I included how I've felt the same way and how I've simplified my system. #bulletjournal #ontheblog #simplifying #augbulletjournal via Instagram

#30lists September 2015 - the bases

The other night I sat down and put together my bases for September's 30 lists in 30 Days.

This year I'm using Design F, which has 11 pockets, working out nicely to three sides with ten lists and one filler card each.  I also decided to do a "cover" page, using mostly first and last page cards from my chosen kit, which is "Desktop".

So here you are.  Badly photographed, and without any of the decoration I intend to do: I do need to dig out my rukristin #30lists stamp from wherever I've put it.

I really love Tiffani Smith's "Desktop" kit for this project.  And I'm looking forward to September and beginning to list!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

#30 lists blog hop

So - I'm all signed up for the September 30 days of lists, and today there's a promotional blog hop.

The idea was to use a prompt from the March #30lists a couple of years ago, just to introduce the idea of listing.

I chose prompt 21 - Things to do this Spring.  I chose it in part because so many of the embellishments (and who knows, probably even the prompts) are "Fall" focused, and in this part of the world, it is not Fall.  (It's not even Autumn.)  It's almost Spring, I have daffodils in my front garden, and I am waiting desperately for the warmer weather - it's been a cold winter this year.

I'm planning to do my 30lists as a physical Project Life layout again (as I did last year), but this year using a single kit.  It was going to be Heidi Swapp's "Favourite Things", but then I remembered "Desktop", which I also bought in physical and which I love AND which, with its stationery supplies theme, seems to suit 30lists.

For the blog hop, though, I've done my listing on the Project Life App (which I love.)

You'll see that my plans for this Spring are relevant to this blog!

I will likely set up automatic posting again from Instagram to here for #30lists, unless y'all are getting tired of the daily photo posts.  

Do please let me know.

Friday, 21 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 21 - other notebooks. This selection includes my prayer journal (purple flowers, barely visible), Budget Book (@kikkik_loves), craft notebook (@typoshop), wedding planning notebook (also @kikkik_loves) and one of my two Period of Discernment notebooks. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 20 - Layouts or simple? In general I stay fairly simple, except for my menu and bento planning layout, which covers dinners for the week, plus bento lunches for weekdays and what needs to be pre-prepared the night or two before. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 19 - Fave BuJo moment. It was this morning, when @tinyrayofsunshine Included me in her list of Instagram accounts with inspiring BuJo content! #Repost #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 18: most-referred to pages - my week layout, my list of books to buy (I put in an order at ABE last week) and my monthly view with tracking: the orange squares are days I've posted to this challenge! #augbulletjournal via Instagram

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 14 - Future Events. My work BuJo has blank calendar pages at the beginning. I use these to record my roster, as well as future appointments, etc. Personal life future appointments go on the Calendar app on my phone. Day 17 - you're getting two for the price of one today! Looking forward to... I'm looking forward to trialing what I think is called the autofocus method in both my personal and work BuJos this week. After this week's trial I may write more. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 16 - collections I keep. Here's a few: books I want to buy (and where from); TV series we're watching (so I know what eps we're up to); and reading I need to do for my Period of Discernment. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 15 - Experiments. This was last week's first try at a new menu planning layout. Only I never really got around to planning a menu. I still think the idea is good, and I'm about to draw up one for the coming week. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Friday, 14 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 13 - Supply Storage. I've been looking for a good form of storage for my acrylic stamps for a while: I got this photo box with five or six envelopes on clearance from Lincraft a couple weeks ago. It's not quite sorted out yet, because I'm sure I have more stamps hiding in other places, but I *think* the concept will work. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 11 -system before BuJo For work I tried Todoist, Wunderlist, scraps of paper, various modification of GtD. For home I used all of the above, plus some Kikki.K (yep, them again) daily and weekly layouts, as well as the good habits stickers. That said, I am thinking about using the Habits lists and paste ins in my BuJo - that might be my new thing for next week. Can't waste all that paper! #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Monday, 10 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 10 - BuJo accessories In this photo: another lot of stamps I expect I'll be using with my BuJo, a clear clip in ruler that I use in my work BuJo (I have two - one to mark the monthly calendar and for the page I'm up to), a little magnetic bookmark I use in my personal BuJo for marking the next blank page, and the ever present washi. I also use repositionable 3M tags. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 9 - finances or expenses: keeping track of my finances is something that I'm hoping my bullet journal and organising will help with. But for the moment at least I'm not going to be using only my bullet journal. I have a bill payment tracker set up in my BuJo. But I'm going to use a Kikki.K budget notebook to track spending. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 8 - planning strategy... What planning strategy? To the extent that I have a strategy, I guess it's "get it all down". If it's in my bullet journal, I know where I can go to find it later, whether that's reminders or to dos or my menu plan. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Friday, 7 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 7 - the prompt is about YouTubers: I don't watch any BuJo vids at all - not even Ryder Carrol's - because I'm so much more a text-based person. So today instead you get brief thoughts on stamps. I just found this set of Kaisercraft stamps which I bought for Project Life, but look really good for planner-y things, especially as my regular PL-zing is mostly done on the app these days. I've used another set -also Kaisercraft, I think - for the day headings on my new menu planning layout that I designed this week and will be using for the week ahead. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 6: pens - I don't used anything fancy: whatever blue or black pen I'm using at the time in general is usually okay. For colour coding I use @kikkik_loves ink gel pens. On Tuesday night I learned that the paper is too thin for a sharpie - I was crossing off completed #projectlife layouts with the pen I use for journaling. Bad idea. But not fatal. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 5 - how I set it up. Work BuJo today, which ironically has less set up than the personal one. I do have some separate pages for things like ledger numbers, training records etc (and the frequent references get tabs) in general it's just write the date and go. That said, looking at my index I used to do a weekly tasks list to gather things without s specific day and that would be good to get back to both for work and personal. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 4: what notebook do I use? - I'm finally including a photo of my work BuJo! For that I use a Kikki K planner with a monthly calendar at the beginning and then ruled pages (only because I can't get grid pages: please do grid planner inserts, @kikkik_loves !) I've been using that as my work planner for at least three years, and as a BuJo for just over a year. My personal BuJo is an X A5 grid Kraft notebook from Officeworks. (I decorate the cover with washi.) The benefit is that it's thin (62 pages) and can slip inside my Kikki K planner, but I go through those 62 pages pretty quickly. I'm thinking I might go to a Moleskine or a Leuchturm once this and my next (already purchased) run out. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Monday, 3 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

Day 3 #bulletjournalchallenge : what I keep track of - just about everything. I have two bullet journals, one for work and one for everything else. The personal BuJo includes menu plans, blog planning and drafts, lists of Project Life layouts to complete or get printed, shopping lists, maybe lists, random thoughts that hit me at odd times, etc. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 2: Personalisations - my two key personalisations, washi tape and colour coding. (I don't use either of these in my work BuJo). I like the colour coding to try to keep my time balanced, and to highlight notes as I flick through to find things later. I like the washi because it's pretty. (I am such a washi addict.) #augbulletjournal via Instagram

Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Bullet Journal Challenge

#bulletjournalchallenge Day 1: Signifiers. I'm just getting back into the swing of using my bullet journal after a bit of a break, and I can't currently find my previous notebook. But here's a couple of signifiers I'm trying out - a face for logging my mood, an envelope for noting important mail that arrived that day, as s reminder to make sure things get dealt with, and a tilde that I'm using to indicate random thoughts. Don't know if I'll keep these yet - I'll have to see whether they prove useful or not. #augbulletjournal via Instagram

August bullet journal challenge

So, from today (1st of August) I'm going to be taking part in the August Bullet Journal challenge on Instagram.  (You can follow me there as chez_stutters).

I love the bullet journal concept.  I let it drop in a big way both in my work and personal lives since about May, but when I got back from Assembly I picked it back up, and I'm really looking foward to this Instagram challenge.

It's run by the blogger Tiny Ray of Sunshine, and the challenge prompts are here. If you're really lucky, I'll remember to crosspost things over here (or I'll see if I can put together an ITTT script to do it for me for the month...  if I can remember my ITTT account details, that is.)