Thursday, 9 April 2015

Clothes OMG

I'm trying to revamp/reinvigorate my wardrobe.

My current job requires an actual uniform: there are various options, but I've settled on a polo top and black bottoms, almost entirely black trousers in winter and black 3/4 length trousers in summer. 

But having worn a uniform for five years, my general wardrobe has fallen into jeans and pop culture t-shirts. This summer I had two church-worthy tops to swap between Sunday by Sunday. 

But it's jolly difficult to buy anything that looks good, fits well, is good quality and isn't out of my budget. I've been scouring blogs: from Putting Me Together to the Vivienne Files to Unfancy.  I like the idea of capsule wardrobes; I'm trying so hard. 

Thing is, I'm not skinny. Or well off. I've got an overseas wedding to save for, and previous credit card debt to pay off. I want more purple and bright pink in my wardrobe and as much as it suits me, I'm getting sick to death of coral.

There's a long way to go.  As much as this weekend we're going to the city, I can't imagine that I'll really have time for shopping.  Even if I did.. cost.  Always an issue.

I'm investigating other options.  Buying online and such like.  People in the US make it sound so easy, but of course here in the damned Antipodes...

Updates as necessary...