Sunday, 12 June 2016

I got caught by the planner craze...

For a while now (two years, off and on, I believe?) I've been using the "bullet journal" method - or at least my version of it - for a work planner and a personal planner.

I'd really dropped off the personal planner side of things until about three weeks ago - 23rd May to be exact - when I started a) making a conscious effort to use the thing regularly and b) started decorating it with washi tape and scrapbooking embellishments and bad ink line drawings.

And then I went on Pinterest (always a bad idea) and started to look at planner stickers.  And I fell down the rabbit hole.

Now I have favourite Etsy stories and a folder full of free printables and a Pinterest board with even more, and just bought a box full of A4 page sticker sheets from Officeworks to print them on.  I'm trying to narrow down just a few pages of stickers to take with me on holiday/wedding in NZ.

Some recent layouts:

Stickers in the above layouts come from,, and

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