Friday, 29 July 2016

Pokewalk report - 29 July 16

The sun was shining (at least, more than it has been recently) and my "nearby" box was showing some interesting silhouettes.  Also, it was Friday, which is my non-work day and a day on which I always intend to get exercise and yet, never seem to. And so, at about 11.35 I ventured out on my first "real", Pokemon-hunting walk.

I realised fairly quickly that I'm not comfortable specifically hunting Pokemon.  I very quickly decided on a route that would take me past a couple of local poke stops, and decided that if Pokemon popped up I would catch them (or try to) but I wouldn't use Pokevision to find out what was nearby, or worry myself about why little green explosions near me weren't turning into Pokemon to catch.

The result of this walk was:

Five entirely new Pokemon caught: Clefairy, Geodude, Hitmonlee, Staryu, and Bulbasaur (who is possibly the cutest EVAR!)

2 each of Duduo, Rattata and Pidgey
1 each of Golbat, Poliwag, Spearow, Caterpie, Bellsprout, and Zubat

1 rascally Poliwag ran away, and
2 eggs hatched.  One was 300m off hatching when I began, but I put another in the incubator when that one hatched, and that second (2km) egg hatched just as I got home.

ALSO: I've registered 41 "active minutes" on my Fitbit, and am almost at 5k steps for the day when I often don't get above 2k on a Friday.

You know what?  I'm proud of myself.

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