Thursday, 1 December 2016

Planner sticker freebie!

In the last six months or so I've been totally getting into using planner stickers, mostly sourced from freebies available on Pinterest, but now I've started making my own.

I've got a couple of potential freebies in the works, but this one is time sensitive, so I'm posting it today.

I do a daily, physical Project Life album in December - this will be my fourth year! To help me always have something to document, I tend to choose a set of prompts, and this year, because I'm using my planner way more often to keep me on track with the day, I thought I'd do a set of planner stickers with my prompts.  (The prompts, with one exception, come from Felicity Jane's prompts for last year.


The second photo is the stickers "in use", along with the first ever set of stickers I made for myself, from Dreamn4ever Designs' "Summer Love" kit.  I'm not entirely happy with a couple of things, but, trial and error, right?

The "Prompts" set has two designs - one with the day number for each prompt, the other without. I've also done a set of stickers without the prompts, in case that's something you'd like. You could also use them for other projects this festive season - use the first 25 in an Advent calendar, or 30 if you're doing 30 Lists December.

To download these freebies, follow these links:

These are only available in .pdf.  Next on my list to learn is how to set cut lines so that I can provide cut files for Silhouette Studio.

If you want to share these freebies with others, please link to this page rather than directly to the files. Thank you!

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