Sunday, 19 May 2013

Why I love Eurovision

On my Facebook, there were at least two people asking versions of "why on Earth would you watch Eurovision".

Here are a few reasons that I've been watching Eurovision every year since at least 2000, and probably longer than that:
  • The Politics.  What first captured me years ago the first year I watched Eurovision was undeniably the politics - the way in which certain countries will always vote for others, or against others.  The year that the UK got no points from anyone and I watched in horror because it was just a little humiliating.
  • The Awesome - it's just - fabulous.  I love it.  The special effects, the nutty, just the willingness to be awesome and fabulous.
  • The rare use of French - this year only France and Belgium gave their points in French.  I'm sure it used to be used more when I started watching.
  • The enthusiasm.  There's no self-consciousness, as there would be if this were Australia.
  • The sense of community.  Along with knowing that a lot of Europe is paying attention to this, there's the slight nuttiness of Australian fans, of getting #SBSEurovision trending globally, of knowing that around Australia  people are enjoying the craziness.
Basically, it's just really fabulous fun.  

The anatomy of an iPad cover

The finished product.

It is seriously awesome to have finished this project.  I've changed patterns once, tried multiple times not to create ouroboros with my foundation chain, and have discovered the vital importance of consistent ply.

When M came home with a work-supplied iPad, her existing iPad became kind-of-mine.  And I wanted a cover for it, because I was using an old IKEA cushion cover as a case (because we replaced the covers this year with new ones.)  And it seemed right to try to crochet a cover.

I started with a pattern in dc (all references in this blog to UK terminology unless otherwise stated) using my original Carnival acrylic yarn.  I tried, I really did, but once I didn't want an all pinkish-blueish-purplish cover and changed yarn, it turned into a disaster.  Plus, the DC just took far too long.  (I'm shallow, I know).

The original attempt, just prior to frogging.
So I changed to a different pattern, one found on Pinterest, and that one finally worked - due in no small part to using yarn all of the same ply (all leftovers from the Annablanket).  I had initially thought to call it a "Bunheads inspired" project, but that disappeared with the Carnival yarn.  I bought an awesomely big button, sewed it on, and it's all done.  It took a little time away from the Annablanket (although that's finished now too (apart from blocking)) but given the protection the screen needs, the cover was necessary.  And I'm not entirely ruling out the idea of surface crochet or decorative flowers at some point in the future...

Friday, 3 May 2013

What I am up to Wednesday (on Friday)

My (vague) plan is to rotate WIAUTW posts between my three blogs.  Last week was the Book Blog, this week we're here at Chez Stutters, and next week it will be the Discernment Blog.


Crochet-wise, I'm on R43 of 56 for the Rainbow baby blanket and it actually feels like a blanket on my lap when I'm working on it.  I worked another two or three motifs of the Croydon Square blanket on the weekend.  Think I've still got at least three of each yet to do.  And as you would have seen, I finished my first crochet project ever, a beaded star tag for my gym bag, influenced by the TV show Smash (which thanked me by having an incredibly depressing episode on Sunday.)

I have also bought wool for three more projects: Christmas decorations for the end of this year, a Christmas present for the end of the year, and my first attempt at a crocheted stole.

Today my own personal copy of Jan Eaton's Encyclopaedia of Crochet arrived in the mail, along with my copy of the Just Bento cookbook.  M and I are trying trying trying to get back into being organised and I'm hoping part of that will be the reemergence of my bento habit.