Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Still catching up: #30lists 12 -15

  • Decorating my parents' tree
  • Driving around to look at Christmas lights a couple of nights before Christmas with my parents
  • The Carols services at Chiltern and Yackandandah (so pleased that these will continue next year after our current conductor retires.)
  • Our traditional family Thanksgiving dinner

  • Podcasts, lots of podcasts.  
    • Verity, 
    • Rachel and Miles X-plain the X-Men, 
    • Galactic Suburbia
    • Splendid Chaps
  • OMG the god-awful Bing Crosby CD on constant repeat at work.

  • The DVD of "Once"
  • Earrings
  • Coffee cups
  • My fitbit with a dead battery
  • Journals and notebooks

Out the living room window:

  • Christmas lights - white ones on the eves, the net of lights behind the zuchinni, stars beneath the verandah and then a fence of lights behind the corn.
  • Our vegetable garden
  • Next door's bush with purple flowers
  • Our awesome outdoor setting

Sunday, 14 December 2014

30 lists catch up - days 8 to 11

I got behind again - but not as far behind as I am on #adventword... (oops)!  So here's a few back numbers.

  • "Top Gear" used to be my go-to cheering-up show, but it doesn't work so well anymore.  I think Clarkson hit the offensiveness saturation level in the last two years.  But old challenge DVDs still work.
  • Watching the kitty-boys being cute
  • Singing "Let it Go", and/or Adele songs, preferably at the top of my lungs
  • Our garden

  • My mother - for good or bad
  • My partner
  • Theologians and thinkers like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Joan Chittester, and Robert Gribben
  • Feminists like Dorothy Macrae-McMahon

  • Sopa Seca (Moosewood Classics cookbook)
  • Trenette al Pesto (also Moosewood Classics cookbook)
  • Rice croquettes
  • Sandbaklse (Swedish Christmas cookies)
  • Pastry

  • Cleaning house
  • Washing the dishes
  • Dealing with my manager at work
  • At least half my desk-work
  • Taking care of finances.

Friday, 12 December 2014

This weekend's tasks...

... A non-30lists list. 

-  catch up on December Daily
-  catch up on 30 lists, both on the blog and in my DD album
-  write some Christmas cards
-  clean the house. So much cleaning the house. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

December 6-7 #30lists

Back from the weekend with a load of awesome photos to put into December Daily.

This is a tough one - and a strange one.  I like writing all words, as long as I can spell them...

Thinking about context, though...

  • Grace
  • Love
  • Happy Birthday
  • Merry Christmas, and all the best for the year to come.
  • Congratulations
  • Thank you

  • I pray.  A friend suggested this many years ago and it works well.  Sometimes extemporaneous, sometimes liturgical.
  • What I need to get done before I leave for work
  • What I need to get done at work
  • What I will do in the evening when I am blessedly free from work.

Friday, 5 December 2014

December 3-5 #30 lists

A nasty attack of gastro (OMG so nasty) knocked me out for two full days, so here's a bit of a catch up.  I'm off to Melbourne for the weekend, so whether I'll manage to post again before Sunday will depend on whether or not we get the free WiFi in our hotel room that we're supposed to get.

(Also, I apologise if this is "releasing" the prompt for December 5 early, but seriously: it's 9am on the 5th here.)

On with the lists!

  • Good photos at the Carols services and the after party
  • Christmas lights
  • Get some good "Australian Christmas" -type photos
  • Photos at Jade's wedding
  • A few nice family and me&Shell photos.  We don't get enough of those.

  • My cousin and her husband, who I unusually haven't seen in almost six months (they live an hour away)
  • A close family friend who will be here for Christmas with my parents for the first time, because her family decided to go to a theme park for Christmas and she said "enough"!
  • They left for home on November 30, but they saw the tree and decorations, so I'm including my un-laws in this list.
  • Jade and the boys, and Sarah and Tony at Jade's wedding on New Year's Eve

  • We moved house!  That's a massive change.
  • We got our kittyboys!  (I love our boys so much)
  • I changed meds
  • I started listening to podcasts (boy, did I!)

Monday, 1 December 2014

December 2

So I'm already three days behind in posting #adventword photos: but I have a couple of options for December 1 photos for DD, so that's something.

On to Day 2 of #30lists December:

  • Some of our presents to already have been wrapped and delivered
  • Actually thinking about Christmas cards
  • The MTC Christmas party to have already happened (I missed it because I was off work at the time)
  • Being behind on the #adventword challenge 

December 1

So - December 1 is here... how did that happen?

Because I'm a glutton for punishment - and because I'm not doing enough already this December - I thought I'd try to blog my #30lists along with linking to my #adventword posts over on the Discernment blog.

December Daily posts will, of course, be weekly, as I get photos printed and the layouts completed, but I might share my photos if it seems appropriate.  We'll see as I go on.

On to today's #30 lists prompt:

  • It's singing season (late rehearsal tonight, Carols concerts the next two Mondays, and a multitude of other concerts to go to.)
  • It's Advent season (the wreath is on the table, and #adventword has begun.)
  • It's silly season (I don't watch regular TV much anymore, but US TV will start going into the Christmas hiatus soon.) 
  • It's busy season (OMG you should see my calendar...)
  • It's December Daily season (well, that one was obvious!)