Friday, 22 August 2014

Just for the record:

Swans puff stitch scarf is at 78cm.  I swear it used to have a pattern. 

Purple Urban Shells is 65cm.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Project Life - a little detail

I'm still catching up on both project life and blogging on general. 

But here's a minor embellishment detail I made tonight for my Week 30 spread: a little flag made of fabric 'washi' tape from Daiso, attached to a paper clip from my favourite stationery store. I bought the tape for using in US related spreads, but of course it works just as well, if not better, for France. 

I used it as a pull tag on a bi-fold journaling card on which I wrote thoughts about this year's Tour de France, and the new women's race, La Course. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I may have just joined the leagues of extremely obsessed crafters...

... if I wasn't there already.

Some time ago, there was a sale bin at Spotlight from which I ended up purchasing eight balls of Totem Marls in three colours, because it was gorgeous, rather than becauseIhad actual ideas for it.   Turns out the reason it was on sale was because it was a discontinued line, and having now started a beautiful Urban Shells scarf in the purple, it doesn't look like the two balls I have of purple will make me a scarf the length I want.

So this evening, I went searching on the internet for online shops that still had some stock.  Apparently the purple was rather popular, but I did, finally, find it.

Four more balls - one more for this scarf, and a second lot of three for another - are now on their way to me.  And as I said: I've now joined the ranks of the truly obsessed.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Currently creative - 6th August

It's Currently Creative linkup time again.

I'm afraid I haven't been all that creative this past week, although I've made more than a few poppies, from a few different patterns.  In fact I think that I've found my go-to quick poppy pattern: the first three rounds of Heidi Bears' African Violet pattern.  I've done nine of these poppies since... Monday, I think? This week's poppy pattern review was already set and half written, but I think I'm changing it up (depending on whether I can get myself organised in time, of course.)

I've also signed up for September's 30 Days of Lists, for which I blame RUKristin.  (As she's an ambassador for 30 Days of Lists, I suspect she'd be rather pleased, actually.)  I'm beginning to investigate ideas for how I plan to set out my lists - do I incorporate them into PL; do I have a separate notebook... (Pinterest board here).  I've got a month (or most of one) to make that decision, thankfully.

Finally, I've given in to washi tape.  We've had a couple fabulous new books at work with all sorts of ideas for how to use washi tape, and it's not like I don't have lots of the stuff.  So I'm beginning to use it more in my personal bullet journal (and on my bullet journal) and I'll probably use it more on other things, too.

World Cat Day 2014

I'm told that it is World Cat Day.

So we're going to change things up a little and have Catterday a day early.  Tomorrow I'll post about poppies.

I diddn't end up posting last Catterday. I was going to post about how Bard has learned to open sliding doors and can now get into the closets (OMG!) but I still don't have a good picture of that.

What I do have a good picture of is Bion.

Yep, in the dishwasher.

There's a saying in Project Life circles used in relation to getting photos of awesome moments in the lives of children - when they've pulled the flour down on top of themselves, or are proudly showing you the crayon drawing they've just finished... on the wall.  It's "don't get mad, get the camera".  

Bion in the dishwasher was one of those moments for me.

Happy World Cat Day!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Week 31 at Chez Stutters

There was no more Tour de France but there was the Commonwealth Games to watch! On Monday night my choir director announced his pending retirement from choral music, which is sad, although not unexpected as he's at least 84, and entirely deaf in one ear.  Given the repetoire he's given us for the August concert, I think he's announced it now to give us the impetus to practice really hard.  (Which it kind of did, in that I really really meant to practice this past week.)

I honestly can't remember anything of great interest happening between Tuesday and Thursday, which doesn't mean that it didn't, just that I can't remember it.  On Friday night we went straight from me finishing work at 6pm to the 6.30pm preview screening of Guardians of the Galaxy which was spectacularly awesome.  Would watch again, absolutely.

Saturday was the Farmers Market in the morning, and in the evening we had some friends over for takeaway and Trivial Pursuit (fabulous fun).  Sunday was church for me, then back to the movies for a $10 session of Sunshine on Leith, which I really enjoyed.  Definition of a toe-tapper, and beautifully shot.  Spike from Press Gang (Dexter Fletcher) grew up into an awesome director.

Fish for dinner, which drove the feline population just a tad nutty.  Poor darlings.  They couldn't work out why we kept evicting them from the dining room table.

August goals

I may not meet my stated goals  (see July!) but even writing them down has its own usefulness. 

Initially I copied my goals over wholesale from last month.  Tech-wise, this didn't work well, let alone goal-wise.  The problem is that by repeating all my goals and then adding more, I'll overload myself, and I want these goals to be realistic.  And yet all these things (and more) need doing...

  • Household file up and running
  • Make contact with my PoD mentor
  • Be ready to start Project 333 on September 1
  • Craft room organised
  • Tax return completed and filed.
So, we'll see how I go this month...

Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday Poppy Count (1st August)

It's Friday Poppies time again!

This week it's a poppy count.

As of last night, my total was: 24!  twenty four poppies so far, including two of my own patterns.