Thursday, 6 March 2014

March Goals

I found my draft post containing my February goals sitting here.  I didn't meet a single one in its entirety.  And now, of course, the bulk of March forms part of Lent, and the focus changes.  Looking at things in context, I can't even just replicate my February goals for March, even though they all still need to be accomplished in some way or another.  The goals that were about getting ready to move - well, we're hoping to have moved by the end of this month.  The goals that were about Getting Things Done (the non-trademarked version) seem inappropriate in a season of reflection.

So: March goals.  And this time I'm going to publish them, and report back in April.  And see how I've gone.
    • Remember to breathe - 'breathe' is my word for the year.  I think I might design a little "Remember to breathe" card or two for Project Life.
    • Implement two or more ideas from "Beyond Busyness"
    • Post on WGC.


    A lot of my goals at the moment are future-fixed: "once we've moved I will..." keep the kitchen organised; make meal plans; make bento lunches; etc.  There's this annoying state of uncertainty while we wait for the date on which we will be settling the house purchase.  Until then, it just this awkward state of interruption.