Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Still catching up: #30lists 12 -15

  • Decorating my parents' tree
  • Driving around to look at Christmas lights a couple of nights before Christmas with my parents
  • The Carols services at Chiltern and Yackandandah (so pleased that these will continue next year after our current conductor retires.)
  • Our traditional family Thanksgiving dinner

  • Podcasts, lots of podcasts.  
    • Verity, 
    • Rachel and Miles X-plain the X-Men, 
    • Galactic Suburbia
    • Splendid Chaps
  • OMG the god-awful Bing Crosby CD on constant repeat at work.

  • The DVD of "Once"
  • Earrings
  • Coffee cups
  • My fitbit with a dead battery
  • Journals and notebooks

Out the living room window:

  • Christmas lights - white ones on the eves, the net of lights behind the zuchinni, stars beneath the verandah and then a fence of lights behind the corn.
  • Our vegetable garden
  • Next door's bush with purple flowers
  • Our awesome outdoor setting

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